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How to Pay via GOPAY

Get cashback when you buy using GOPAY

Want to earn cash back for buying products on HubStore?

Just use your GOPAY Digital Wallet and earn 6% cashback on each purchase.

To shop & earn like a pro, download GOPAY app and go to HubStore for a seamless shopping experience.

Benefits of using GOPAY

  • Get cashback for buying products on HubStore

  • Encrypted with 256 bit SSL to ensure safe transaction.

  • Free Registration. Signup Now

Terms and Conditions

  • Cashback will be transferred to your GOPAY wallet after completing 45 days of holding period upon order confirmation via email. This holding period helps us to check if you have applied for a refund on your purchase, in which case you will not be eligible to get cashback.

  • Cashback payout dates are 15th and 30th of every month. For example you place an order on 5th April and become eligible to get cashback after completion of holding period on 20th May. In this case, the cashback for this order will be transferred to your GOPAY digital wallet on 30th May.

  • This Terms and Conditions shall be further subjected to GOPAY's Terms of Use.

Do more with your GOPAY Wallet &
earn up to 20% cashback

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